Spice Times MagazineSpice Times is a quarterly magazine released throughout the UK aimed at the South Asian restaurant and catering business.

For years now, the South Asian restaurant industry has been anticipating a business to business publication unbiased in its content or its affiliations. In the ever changing restaurant industry it is vital to stay focused. Predicting trends and making important decisions is a daily necessity. Spice Times is a magazine which aims to aid today’s restaurateur in every way possible.

Spice Times is the publication which sets a standard to inspire, influence and inform. As you can see from the examples here, we cover a wide range of topics which are close to the modern Asian business person and we are always ready to report on what is going on in the restaurant industry.

We also cover topics related to South Asian culture at large, in our “South Asia and the world” section, keeping our readers up to date with what is going on in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

If you or your restaurant would like to receive Spice Times free of charge, please fill in the subscription form.

Best wishes,

The Spice Times team

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