Marketing Your Business On Facebook

Market and promote your restaurant on Facebook as it is a fantastic and cost free way to drum up business.

Social Media has been taking the world by storm. Billions of people use these websites each day. The most well known of these sites is Facebook. It has been the subject of books and even a Hollywood movie, The Social Network. Now is the perfect time to put your restaurant on the website.

Most restaurants have little to no online presence which is setting them at a massive disadvantage when it comes to getting new or regular customers through the doors. When it comes to getting your own space online to promote your business, there are two options, paying someone to make your own website, or making your own Facebook page which is free and can only take ten minutes to set up.

To begin making your page, head to and at the bottom of the page you will see a link to ‘Create a page for a celebrity, band or business. Next, you will be required to put a name for your page, it is best to put the actual name of your restaurant as it will make it easier to find amongst all the other pages on when someone is searching for it. You must also make sure to click the ‘local business’ button as well.

You now need to link this page to a Facebook account as each page is required to have a normal (think the usual, personal pages) account linked to it. If you already have an account then all you have to do is log in. Now that your page is made, there is still some work to do such as adding your opening hours, images, and information.

Your first thing to do is add your opening times, this is possibly the most important part of the page as this will make it easier for customers to find out when the opening and closing times are. The address is also need of course.

Now that your page is now officially made so now it is time to put all your images and information. Adding a little bio about the restaurant makes a prospective customer feel more comfortable and makes the page look more professional. It can be a short piece, just about the founding of the restaurant and even what special dishes are on offer.

One of the first things viewers of the page will see is your picture. As nice as the food is, people will want to see that a place looks nice before committing to dining there. Adding a crisp, high-resolution image of your interior or shop front will really add an impact and convince everyone that it is a stylish place to be. There is also the opportunity to add more than one picture, just like a normal Facebook profile so upload snaps of events to make it look busy.

Facebook however, is not the only place you can get a business up into the wide world of social media. Another site is just as popular called Twitter.

Twitter allows you to post 140-character ‘micro-blogs’ so you can keep everyone up to date with the latest goings on including changes to opening times and meal deals. It is possible to link both a Twitter account in the settings or you can streamline things by using a programme such as TweetDeck or Hoot Suite.

Services also exist that allow social media users to ‘check in’ to places including restaurants, bars and cinemas. Four Square is the biggest and users who frequent a place can even become the ‘mayor’ of that place. As an incentive places offer special discounts to get people to ‘check in’ there. Facebook has copied this by letting their users ‘check in’ as well. Offering promotions through this could be a good way to drive more business.

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