Chak89 Sell Meals in Asda

Spice Times Restaurant Awards winner Chak89 have teamed up with Asda to sell their curries through the supermarket.

Asda have introduced the ‘Curry Counter’ scheme where local chefs are used to cook takeaways at in-store prices. This is the first for a supermarket by offering restaurant quality food and bargain prices.

Mr Frank Khalid MD of Chak89 said “It’s a fantastic opportunity to get the general public to taste our fresh and quality cooked food; it is a great opportunity to work closely with ASDA.”

The shop already sells over one million dishes of the nation’s favourite food, chicken tikka massala. Analysts have said thatBritain’s taste for spicy and more exotic food is growing.

Noor Ali, Asda’s ethnic food buyer said “We sell more than 3,000 ethnic products and Asian is by far the largest and most popular. Launching restaurant managed curry counters in our stores and giving local businesses the opportunity to expand is a natural step for us.”

The scheme was launched inBradfordwith Zouk restaurant chefs and theLondonversion with Chak89 is to start next year.

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