Patak’s introduce New Hot & Spicy Range

Patak’s have introduced a new ‘Hot and Spicy’ range of sauces to cater to the British demand for hotter food.

The company holds 25.3% of the glass sauce market in the UK. Curry sauces are in high demand and reflects a move from eating out to cooking a curry at home.

Tracy Hughes, Marketing Controller at AB Foods, said: “We have seen a 4% growth in the sauce in glass category over the last year showing that consumers are increasingly looking to make quick meals with the no fuss element. With consumers’ palettes becoming more acclimatised to heat, the Hot & Spicy range allows consumers to ‘spice up’ up suppertime, recreating the restaurant experience at home, in only 30 minutes.”

Hot Tikka Masala, extra hot Vindaloo and extra, and extra hot Phal are among the range of sauces for the spice enthusiast. These new styles add to the already eclectic assortment that Patak’s has on offer on the supermarket shelves.

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