Restaurants Can Promote Growth Whilst Being Eco-Friendly

The Government has published a document outlining how to promote sustainable business growth whilst keeping eco-friendly.

In response to requests as to what exactly is meant by ‘green economy’ Defra, BIS, and DECC teamed up to create the document, titled ‘Enabling the transition to a green economy: Government and Businesses working together’.

Speaking about the document, Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman said: “The government’s objective of reducing the deficit and strengthening the economy goes hand in hand with our ambition to be the greenest government ever.

“Moving to a green economy presents huge opportunities for British businesses not only to reduce their environmental impact, but also to transform products and services, develop cleaner technologies, and capture new international markets.”

Business secretary, Vince Cable commented by saying that “businesses need to prepare for a low carbon future”.

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