Rushanara Ali Visits Luton

Rushanara Ali MP, the first elected British Bangladeshi to the House of Commons made her first visit to Luton, welcomed by The Bangladeshi Friends of the Labour Party (Luton).

Rushanara Ali In Luton

Rushanara Ali came to lend her support to the Labour Biscot war campaign which has a local election coming up on May 5th.

Miss Ali was out in force to support party politics and said: “In the forthcoming election the Bangladeshi community to should vote for the party and not for an individual as it is the party policy that effect  the lives of the people. ”

I would like everyone to reflect on the  devastating cuts the current Con-Dem coalition government inflicted on ordinary people where an average family with children in education could  be worse off in excess of £3000 per year”.

She was presented with a plaque, sponsored by community leader, Oli Khan. Mr Khan organized the event along with Firuzul Haque, M R  Chowdhury on behalf of the British Bangladeshi to the House of Commons.

Many dignitaries were in attendance, including Gavin Shukar MP and Shadow Minister for Natural Environment, Leader of the Stevenage  Borough Council Cllr Sharon Taylor, Deputy Leader of Luton Borough  Council Cllr Robin Harris.

The reception was hosted by Cllr Tahir Khan Lead Executive who gave a speech saying: “the Labour  Party is a party of social justice and fairness that provided platform  for people from diverse community and Roshanara Ali MP is a prominent  example of that. That is why I joined the Labour Party at the age of 18 so that I can work with in the system to bring about change to ensure equality for all”.

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