Shozna Gains Injuction Against Copycat Restaurant

The Shopna Indian takeaway and restaurant in Rochester, Kent has received an emergency injunction from the owner of the Shozna restaurant after accusing them of copying their business.

Shozna restaurantJamal Ahmed, the owner of Shozna claims that Shopna has copied the font, image and colours on their signs and takeaway bags.

The injunction means that the restaurant has to remove their branding and cease trading as Shopna within 96 hours of the order.

Mr Ahmed also claimed that the menu was directly copied including the specials which have taken years to perfect.

On the issue, he said: “We have nothing to do with the Shopna. The name and logo for the Shozna is trademarked. This is a deliberate act by the Choudhurys to cash in on our reputation and we have been given no option but to take legal action to stop them.”

Shopna restaurantI have spent years building Shozna’s reputation and many of our specialities are unique to Shozna. I am saddened and disappointed that others would try to steal our business by copying us. There is a lot of confusion with many people assuming that the Shopna is linked to the Shozna.”

I would like to thank Friend & Grant Ltd for the care and attention they have given me in order to protect my business.”

In speaking with the Medway Messenger, Tufael Chowdhury said: “Shozna refers to Mr Ahmed’s sister and Shopna means dream, which is completely different. They have made it all up, because if we had copied them, everything we did would have been exactly the same as Shozna.”

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